Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Holidays...

Hi! I was just passing by to wish you a happy new year!! I hope you had a very merry christmas with lots of gifts and family.
I had a super fun Christmas and tomorrow I have a new years party so I'm super happy!
Anyway, I'm thinking of starting a new surprise project the next year and I think I will be using this blog for posting the updates and everything, is nothing boring I assure you, so keep on visiting for news about it!
Well that's it for now, I hope you're all having great vacations and see you soon!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving season!

Hi! It's thanksgiving season, and even thougth my country don't celebrate thankgiving I love this season of the year, the colors are just lovly and everything to be calm down between summer and christmas. Every season have its own lovely things but fall is special, when I think of fall I usually think of childhood afternoons in the park, happy times when nothing can go wrong. Anyway I just want to tell you: feel the season! is almos christmas season (wich I love too, my christmas tree is already in the living room;)) and vacations are just across the corner so relaz and enjoy this wonderfull climate and remmember back then when you used to be little and happy and when a mountain of leaves where the most fun thing in the world!
Current obsession: Flavor lip balms!! OMG a girl in my grade is selling lip balms and I swear I may be broke next month, I just got a cupcake lip blam and a citrus smoothie one! I love them!
& I also started watching Fox Glee, in my country it had been only 3 episodes and already I'm loving it! so I recommend that you buy a grat lip balm (usuall they are not expensive, once I got a jolly ranger one for 1 doller at Target) and watch Glee is really good!
Leave a comment telling me your favorite season of the year and your plans for thanksgiving!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Bon Voyage Party!

Hi! You know how much I love cupcakes, I talk about them all time, but you actually have seen only one of my cupcake creations, well here is the second, about a month ago a friend of mine leave my country and leave to France for university, since her parents weren't throwing her any good-bye party (long sad story) my mom and I decided we were. So we did! a Bon Voyage party just for her! I did cupcañes with a Martha Stewart recipe and use Betty Crocker vanilla frosting, wich I colored with food coloring, to have the colors of the French flag. It was reallly awesome! the party was great! for the brownies I use a little eiffel tower I had with a little frosting to decorate. Everything was really cute and perfect!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Soccer & Stuff!

Hi there! So long no post, sorry, I already lost the number of times when I have said sorru for not posting very often, the reasons? Well there are some reasons actually, one of the main reasons I don't post very often is because I don't have comments so somentime I feel like quiting, is not like a lot of people will notice you now, and the other main reason is school, even thougth I'm in eleventh grade and it's completly different to the dtress of tenth grade I'm still full of school things, I enjoy some of them but there are really the minority.
Anyway I have some news about school and all, well about a month ago I start playing soccer in my school team, it was a surprise for evryone even for me, because I'm such a girly girl and seriously not good at sports that everyone thougth it was a joke or something, but is true, I'm in the soccer team, and yesterday I recived my uniform, so is official now and today we have our first game against other only girls school wich I kind-of hate is like our rival, we lost :( but 2-1 so it wasn't that bad!
And today starts my 1 week vacation wich I'm going to enjoy a lot!!! and hopefully post a lot more!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I want my Lipstick Jungle!

Hi! Long time, no post:( Sorry 11th grade is been a busy year and I have to take advantage of it as long as it last. Today I saw the Lipstick Jungle final episode :(, I don't agree with the fact is over, I love that show! it was amazing and it ended in a sort of to be continue way I don't like:S.
Anyway my life is as boring as usual and I'm really really bad at math and sometimes I just want to graduate and go to university. Idk!
Short short post, sorry but I have to go to work in my art project!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Just dance, got to be ok

Hi! I know it had been almost a month since my last post but definetly my life is not beign that interesting to have a post per day...The title has actually nothing to do with the post is just something I feel like putting in the title, so I'm in 11th grade now, my last year of school:( and I'm trying to get the best out of it, as you know I love my school but recently I had been wishing to graduate as soon as possible cuz I'm tired of certain thing, althougth going to university makes me so nervous, partly cuz I'm not 100% sure about my career and partly because my security is in my school, the fact that I can wear my prom jacket and let everyone know that I'm a senior, deal with it, the fact that I have tons of friends and I can finally said I feel confortable there, I'm friends with the teachers and all! I just love that, and in university you are just another student...Idk I'm confused.
Nothing really interesting, sorry not beauty tips or yummy recipes, because I haven't seen any interesting one in these days.
Don't get lost!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Big City. Big Dreams!

Hi! I haven't post in a while I know:( sorry.
Last tuesday I had my very last first day of school it wasn't as exiting as I imagined, but being in 11th grade is totaly different for 10th grade, we have more attencion in some things while academic attencion and special treatment for beign the first IB prom seems to disappear, anywany I missed school on friday cuz I have a terrible cold:(...But on thursday during my typicall ride in the school bus I realized that my city is the place were a lot of people put their dreams, beign in different cities of my country make me realize that the fact that my city is the bigger and the capital of the country makes it, the dream land for so many people out there wich dream about make it into the big city, however some of my dreams are in my city practically my dreams are more in other countries than here, but the thougth of me as the girl who lived so many dreams of other people I don't even know make me realize how lucky I am, I born in a great city in a great country and if I stay here in the future the chances of making my dream come true are pretty high. Is just a wreid thougth, and make me wonder about me and my dreams, I mean I'm already living a dream, living a life that many people dream about and probably never been able to get, is just wreid.
Anyway passing my wreid thougths and phillosopical stuff, I have a little tiny tip for you hair, I am an expert whith hair tratments cuz I had used a lot, I love my hair and me being a perfectionist I iron it in a daily basis, so I use a lot of products so my hair doesn't get all the damge but sometimes all this products make my hair look like crap and even when I wash it I have the feeling that is still dirty so my advice to those who have bad hair days due to the quantity of treatments they use is simple use vinager, yes vinager, wash you hair normally and just after you wash out your conditioner spray some vinager in your hair or just pour a little and then wash it out with more water I had try this a hundred times and I gurantee it works! also it makes your hair looks shiny and is more soft!! I got tis tip from Jaclyn Smith from Sheer Genious and I love it!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hi! So today officially start my last week of vacations, I have still so homework I haven't done cuz I've been busy resting;), the thing is on saturday I start a new art project but haven't ended yet and I'm starting to get stressed, but defenetly the thing that stress me more is this idea my mom have, the thing is one of her friends is taking her daugther to my school and one of them is entering to 10th grade, so my mom think it was a good idea that she came to my house (tomorrow) so I can teach her how to do art's logbook and how to do it rigth in the IB program, the thing is 1. I don't really want to, cuz nobody told me how to do it, I cry a lot during 10th grade and the result of all my stress and my organization and my obsession to do more things than I'm asked to I ended up beign the best in my art classroom and not failing any subject, in the back on my head I know I should be a nice girl and help her but in my mind is the fact that I do it on my own and I hink everybody should do it too, I've learn so many things about myself in 10th grade and I really think I had grown up a lot, I'm more independ and confident and I discover the real me and how to show it to the world without worrying about what everybody think of me, and the truth is art class has help me througth the process, the other thing is that I'm really competitive and when I do something really good (as my art's prejects and logbook) I'm really carefull because I don't want people copying me I really don't all my effort and all my stress is really to get results for me (I know how selfish that sounds) but is true I see absolutly no point on having all this if the result are for other one and that really piss me off, it most be the thing I hate the most. 2. I do not know this girl and my mom expect me to spent a whole summer vacation- almost over afternoo explain her how 10th grade works, yeah rigth as if I haven't spendt two entire months trying to foget how horrible and stressfull 10th grade is (you know the academic part), because I really want to have anticipation for 11th grade I want to want the first day and the fact that I'm not there yet freaks me out. Idk! I'm just so confused and I really want to get my project done before weekend so I can have three days for getting really for back to school, maybe I'm just putting and excuse for not open myself to a new girl, but really the last time one of my mom´s friends enetr her daugther to my school the girl lasts like a year on the school and all my friend kind-of hate her, and there I was in the middle of them trying not to be cruel. Maybe the girl torn out to be great but Idk, I'm insecure about it and I defenitly don't want to share my art secrets with someone I barely know!
Idk! Help me out!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Really cute ice cream idea, plus a little of my day

Hi! so today I bring you a lovely idea I found at, I haven't try it yet but it looks so cute I'm thinking of making a party only to try them, anyway for this summer project you will need ice- cream (the flavor you want but works better if you use the creamy one not sorbet), sprinkles (or any topping) and wood sticks , all you have you to do is scoop several balls of ice cream in a baking sheet, insert the stick on the ball and chill them until hardened, them roll scoops on the sprinkles and you are done!, this idea will take away the pressure of having to scoop the ice cream in the middle of the party and they look so much prettier than regular ice cream scoops in a bowl.
Well is time for telling you about my day, a normal summer day, I wake up pretty late :P, then after I was ready I have lunch (delicious pasta salad I love <3) and then my mom really kindly offer to take me to the movies, so I went with her to see "I love you man" (I know is kind of old but in my country movies premier a little late), when I arrived home my brother was with some of his friends and he was so mean with me so my mom take me to a mall to buy some binders I need for school, once there we discover that particular store didn't have the binders I want but we reserved some in the other location the traffic was a nigthmare and while we were in the car my mom and me have some girl talk, then we arrived and it was closed but I was so upset, they were supposed to close at 7 and it was 6:50 I still had 10 minutes, I really hate this sales assistans that treat you wrong, she didn't even open the door she just see me througth the glass door (not even leaving her chair) and wave me to go, I was so upset really I hate when people aren't nice and don't do their jobs rigth! Anyway I'm more calm now, but still tomorrow I'm going to get my binders!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sorry :(

Hi! Sorry I haven't post in a while :(, but I was in a road trip! well actually I was in a cottage with my family but I made a Road trip to go there, it was so awesome. It was a hot weather place so my hair was pretty bad as far as I corcern. Anyway it was pretty good but I didn't have internet there, I only have a little internet when I went to the country club with my Iphone(I made a comment for Gossips from there). So this post is about my trip basically I went to one of the modern 7 world wonders (I think, well it was nominated and as far as I know it win) the name is "Cañon dal Chicamocha" well I can't translate that sorry! It was awesome and the rest of my trip was basically shopping and hanging by the pool and watching old movies with my little cousin, I watch the beauty and the beast and the last time I had seen that was years ago and is my favorite disney movie!, well that's about everything about my 10 day trip I have some picsas you can see.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A simple summer treat, usually forgotten!

Hi! Today I have a new idea for summer snack! And is an easy no-cooking project that you will enjoy doing and eating as well; I'm talking about cereal treats, I guess you have already taste them or at least hear about them. Well I must said they are like my favorite summer treat, just because is as easy as it can gets, no baking, no waiting, just enjoying! You will need:
Six tablespoons of unsalted butter
Six cups of Crisp rice cereal (or any cereal really, pick your fav!)
One bag of marshmallows
A saucepan
Melt the butter in the saucepan, them add the marshmellows until they're melted too, finally add the cereal you had choosen and mix them without taking the saucepan off the fire, when you're done you just have to give them a shape, you can make little balls or put the entire mix in a baking pan to make regular square cereal treats, another great idea is to use cookies cutters, but I haven't try it, so I'm not sure how it works. You can decorate them with color buttercream, I recommend not to use a los of buttercream cuz the treats will be really sweet, but is up to you!
Well I hope you like this simple recipe!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


OMG! What a week, I mean seriously so many things happen, we have my birthday on tuesday:) also on tuesday my 11th grade jacket delivery:D, then thursday well I was with my brother in his eye-doctor appointment when we hear about Michael Jackson's death, and honestly I couldn't belive it, I ask everyone then when we get in the car I turned inmediatly the radio on, to hear it was true, well I'm still in shock actually, I wasn't a huge fan but still he was a very good artist; the I went to a mall and bougth a lovely handbag:) (I love handbags) and then back to home when I watch the beging of project runway season 5 ( I know there is already a seson 6, but what can I do everything arrive to my country late:S), and news when I discover that Farrah Fawcett also die, a sad day for pop culture. On friday I had my cousin's graduation and that's pretty much it!
So apart for my week I have a new idea for snacks that involve ice cream (Yum!)

This one is ice-cream with cupcakes, I acually get it from, and I found it awesome, it has to be the best summer treat, I haven't try it yet so I don't know how easy would bee to actually eat it, but I guess that if you have fork and take the ice cream at the same time that the cupcake can actually work. Is easy to make you only need well cupcakes, and again you can make them or buy them (without frosting obiously), my advice is to buy Betty Crocker's muffin mix and decorate them yourself, also you can buy cake mix but instead of using a cake pan, you just put the mixture into baking cups!. Anyway when you have your cupcake just scoop some ice cream on top and done!
you have the cutest summer treat!
And since today I will have a new section in my blog (just have the idea) with the name: Cupcake of the day! cuz I'm seeing lot odf creative cupcake I want to share with you! Hope you like it!
Feel free to comment!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer is here!

So summer is finally here! and for me one of the best things of it, is having time for myself cuz I'm always so busy with school homework and projects that I barely find time to do my hair and nails. But off course, don't matter how much I love relaxing I can't afford going to a spa. So I'm always looking for beauty tips, that help me to feel better without leaving my own house, not even for "ingridients".
One of my favorite is the oatmeal and honey facial mask, is so easy and helpfull; you just mix some oatmeal flakes with honey (I don't know the exact measurement) until it looks like a paste, you spread over your face and wait about 20 to 30 minutes, rinse it with lots of water and that's all! You'll have a smother skin!.
Other tip I love is the vinegar hair wash, this is actually very simple. Sometimes you feel like your hair is dirty and no matter how many time you wash it with your regular shampoo it seems to get dirty easier than normal, so the tip is to use vinegar after you wash your hair, let me explain it better: You wash your hair with regular shampoo and conditioner, then you apply vinegar, you can try the regular bottle of the vinegar (it a little unconfortable but you can use that) or you can find a bottle with a spray it would be easier to apply, then you rinse it very very well and just like that you will have a cleaner hair! But wait probably you are thinking "what about the smell?" well personally I don't think it left a smell but if you think it smells or something you can apply some hair treatment afterwards. By the way I learn this from Jaclyn Smith from Sheer Genius!
Last but not least for tired eyes (tell me about it!) you can use tea bags, you just put them in hot water, as if you were doing rehgular tea, them squeeze them for about 5 minutes and let them cool, put them over your close eyes and relax!
I hope you liked my tips, I know there are only three but we have the hole summer and as soon as I proved more of them I will tell you...Share with me your favorite natural beauty tip

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Start all over!

So Is been a while since the last time I posted something, and now I'm trying with a new template with the promise of start a new blog...Well not exactly a new new blog, but just more options and more compromise of my part. I will try to not feel disspointed because sometimes nobody comment! I will not stop writing!hehehe
Anyway I'm on summer vacations now, up to eleventh grade, only one year to university!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Vacations at last!

I'm so sorry I haven't post for so long, but I have been really busy and when I say busy I mean the busier I had ever been, you don't imagine, my school went crazy and leave us tons of homework, wich includes a XX century time line (100 years in a time line imagine how long!), a chemestry lab and an Art project, if that wasn't enougth last week I had all term tests, I failed math and I almost die when I found out, I have work so hard this term and the results are not as good as I expected so I'm dissapointed.
Anyway, thank God is holly week now and I'm on vacations and I have kind of two weeks cuz next week is my grade trip to amazon river and I'm not going cuz I don't like that, so I'm pretty happy I don't have homework.
My life is as boring as usual, normal just normal, nothis interesting or amazing just school wich drives me crazy.
That's all for now, this time I really really promise I will post more often.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

School Play!

So yestarday was my school play! I was tired cuz he have rehersals all week and on wednesday we saty at school until 10 o'clock! On thursday was the first time we presented to techers and 11th graders, and they criticized a lot, but the school was nice and gave us the holw day to fix it, so we did it and yesterday we did 7 functions, the hole family day!
Anyway it was pretty cool, evryone like it and the effort was totally worth it! Now I'm just doing homework!
Tha is the picture of me in my costume!!
Well I guess now that I have more time I will post more often!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

No me time for now!

So today I had to go to school, yes today Saturday! cuz I had to go to the rehersal of the play but noone show up, just like 7 girls, so we make the backround and stuff, at 2p.m I leave!
So this week wasn't as bad as the last one, I was so stressed my school is totally mad, last saturday I had to go to school to do a Chemestry/Bio work and I have to do an hour walk in the mountain behind my school, I was close to sue my own school cuz it was unfair! a saturday at 8a.m I was walking up the mountain! argg! besides that I had like a ton of work I have to do a project for art and rehersal on sunday so I cry a bit:).
This week was better I get my daphne outfit and no to much homework exept for the math thing I still have to do:S but is better! I just hope everything worth it!
Sorry for the boring and shor post!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Home, sweet home!

So the week is over, finally! it's been an interesting week, my first full week since I started school on january, anyway monday was a perfectly normal dat, then on tuesday we visit this university fair, in wich every university on my city have a stand and show you their careers and everything, it was kind of cool, and since I dind't have to wear my unifrm I wear a pair of jeans, pale pink high heels, a white shirt and on top a pale pink sweater (my city is pretty cold), a long pearl necklace and my hot pink designer tote bag ( I haven't told you!! I bougth it! remmemember?), then on wednesday I have to stay at the school up to 4:30 (on wednesday I finish school at 1:40) to a Extened essay metting, in wich teachers talk us about the subjects and stuff, boring!, then thursday a common day and today OMG today!, so in my country there is this like traditin in which 11th graders have a jacket with the name of the school and prom year, (I will show you later) and the man who makes them goes today to show us jacket and hoodie options, that was cool but the I was on my T.O.K class when the fire alarm sound, I was pretty scared, I have been in my school for 12 years and nevere ever, had been a real fire alarm, but today it was real!, the thing was that in the chemestry lab there was this gas scape and something happened and suddenly it was like a huge flame in the lab, with my teacher (Who I looove) inside trying to close the gas thing. My T.O.K teacher is in my school's emergency team so we took the class list and went outside, It was so scary, 9th grades were on the lab, and it really could be me, I've been doing a lab this week! Gosh really I'm still shocked.
So in other thisngs I have to do this school play, in which I'm going to be Daphne from Scooby Doo! totally me! and I love my character but I've staying after school in the school theater for rehearsal, but my grade is soo desorganize that we haven't do anything yet! and I'm desperate! so I stay today, but I stay with Laura talking about childhood because we were friends when we were on second grade, and also talking about our extended essays, so it was fine, but I spend my friday afternoon doing that!
Anyway is all for now, I think I would have a bubble bath and then watch a movie or something!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday afternoons depress me!

Sorry I haven'r post in a while I've been kind of busy and really there is nothing really important to talk about, just normal school days, sad days, bad grades, good days, perfect grades.
The truth is that I have ups and downs with school and normally my ups don't get my downs, is wreid, tomorrow starts a new bimester in wich I have to have perfect grades! and is my propuse and I'm doing it!
Apart for school nothing interesting in my life as I say normal and boring school days, homework and more homework, at leats I'm having a great time with my best friend!!
Sorry for the boring and short post!! I'm not inspired, I just want you to know I haven't forget my blog!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I know in theory....

Hi! So as some of you may know my biggest dream is to get married some day and have a family, but sometimes when everything is quiet and I think about my life, I can't hel wondering if some day I will find my soulmate or if I'm destinate to be alone.
For me getting married is soooo important, and I don't know really why, I guess is because my parents hae a wonderfull marriage and so my grandparents and is something I see myself doing in a few years, however it happens that I'm the only one in my classroom who had never had a boyfriend or any or the thing a boyfriend means, and I'm the one who is more interest in a relationship, a part of me see the good side, you know if I was like most of my friends now I would be regretting relationships I had in sixth grade but another part of me thinks that if I was like most of friends I would be over it, and be more secure about future relationships or whatever.
Deep inside I know that when I grow up and stop beign "girlfriend material" and begin beign "Wife material" I have advantage, because well all my friends may have been girlfriends with the boys we go out or whatever...The thing is now I see myself and everyone else sees me as the one who will get married and hae a family and be all Bree Van de Kamp like, I'm prepared for that but certanly I'm not prepared for spend the rest of my life alone, I had never been alone in my whole life, I'm a twin! so not even when I was an unborn baby.
This is something I think about every day, is not that I'm the only girl who fears this, I have friends in my exact same position...But still I can't help worry about it.
Is curious how girls that aren't interest in a marriage or a serious relationship had have tons of realtionships, when they know they aren't going anywhere, while girls as me and my friends who are interest on that haven't been in a relationship.
Maybe it is because we're all waiting for our Prince charming, while everyone else know they don't want that they just want fun.
I don't know! Tell me what you think

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I guess this is my vacations...

So, I had been busy lately, I haven't been able to fix my blog :S, everytime I try it just get worse, so I'm keep it simple for now, even if thats not so me., but whatever, I'm going througth this stage in wich I'm not very interest on post on blog.
Actually I'm just doing homework, in vacations yes. I mean is not like real homework, I'm actually doing again something I already did, is just that I'm not happy with my art logbook and since is supposed to be my image and some day it will travel arround the world thanks to IB, I get obsess with improving it, so for the last week or so I been finding images and quotes for it and working on picnik, so hopefully by tomorrow or tuesday the images will be done and I will go and print them near my home (in case you are wondering I do own a printer but it only print black and white), also I'm making my logbook look awesome, like "the book" on the devil wears prada, or similar, when that is done I will write in it.
So yesterday I went to the mall with my mom to watch "Bedtime stories" and walk arround, and the thing is that about 2 weeks ago I bougth this amazing bag in Nine west, wich cost me 100 dollars, and I spend some of my "London trip" saving on it, and kind of told my parents I wasn't going to buy anything else until I'm in London, but yesteday I enter to this store in my country call "Mario Hernandez" a kind of colombian Louis Vuitton, well similar, an see an amazing handbag and I want it!!!!!! Because the Nine west one is like for the laptop (I was using it for school hehe) but is to laptop-ish, so I need a new one for school rigth?.... Is not that my school bag is not good, actually is great is a jiraffe print one like the Dooney and Burke, and I just remember I have a Ralph Lauren one that I bring home from United States, and a white one with polka dots...But bags are my favorite thing in the whole world and you can't have to many bags rigth??...Also my friends know me for having handbag-like bags for scholl instead of just a backpack like evryone else....
Still I'm not 100% sure, I think I'm getting a new one:P

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Hi! You can't belive what just happend to my blog!!!!
I open it, and it was like an error page, I couldn't see it, then when I try to change the template for a new one from different web pages, it dosen't work!!!
So I'm using classic Blogger templates until I found the problem!
Because of this I lost my tagboard and everything! I just so sad about it! I have no idea this could ever happen!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hi! Happy New Year, I hope you had a great time!
So is one year since I fisrts started my blog, 2008 was a kind of hard year for me as have you may notice, but is over now and I hope this year bring me new things, good things! Fisrt year blogging was awesome, I made so much new friend and found so many thing, I'm glad to have this blog! and I'm glad I have followers, another year to come! So exepect more post from me!