Monday, April 6, 2009

Vacations at last!

I'm so sorry I haven't post for so long, but I have been really busy and when I say busy I mean the busier I had ever been, you don't imagine, my school went crazy and leave us tons of homework, wich includes a XX century time line (100 years in a time line imagine how long!), a chemestry lab and an Art project, if that wasn't enougth last week I had all term tests, I failed math and I almost die when I found out, I have work so hard this term and the results are not as good as I expected so I'm dissapointed.
Anyway, thank God is holly week now and I'm on vacations and I have kind of two weeks cuz next week is my grade trip to amazon river and I'm not going cuz I don't like that, so I'm pretty happy I don't have homework.
My life is as boring as usual, normal just normal, nothis interesting or amazing just school wich drives me crazy.
That's all for now, this time I really really promise I will post more often.