Friday, October 24, 2008

Bla, bla, bla...

So another week ended today, and well I missed school on tuesday and wednesday cuz I was kind of sick, and on wednesday I have an stress attack and I kind of freak out because my art proyect wasn't ready and I was supposed to present it on thursday, and everything was like mix up, it was my father birthday and my hole family was in my house, and the typical comment of "it's just art"...Gosh is not just "art" is way more than that. Is IB's Visual arts! I have a lot of preassure and to tell you the truth I'm not good mannaging preassure I'm way to anxios and I can't stop the anxienty when everything is going wrong, but seriously it was so bad my stess attack that in the nigth I cry a lot, alone (kind of pathetic I know) but sometimes I feel like a faliture and noone support me, I feel like I have no friends to talk about this stuff, I mean I have friends lots of them but none of them is comprehensive with my and my obssesion of beign perfect.
My mom is so great, the day after that, she spoke with me and told me she and my dad are worried about me cuz I worry way to much about school, they were even thinking on changing me of school, but I love my school, only one year and a half to graduate for it.
Anyway today was supposed to be a day off, in which teachers have grades to parents and weel I don't have classes, but the system fell so, I have school today but it was funny almost nobody went! so we were 15 girls in 10th grande and 3 girls in my own classroom, so I didn't have classes I just spend the day in my school doing nothing! YAY!
And also, well I think noone reads my blog anymore, so I'm not sure about continue it or what...Just leave comments to tell me your opinions!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Weekend again!

Finally weekend! this morning I had to wake up early to go to my school to a first communion, it was the fisrt communion of the kids od my school's fundation, my school's fundation is a school, where kids which live in lower classes, so basically like 50 years ago some students started this project and now is a reality, actualy right now 10th grade (me) are working to help them cause they have problems with the structure of the school and if this problems aren't solve before 2010 the fundation have to close, so we're doing our best!...Anyway I change the subect, so I wake up early and went there and I remmember about my own first communion, gosh that was years ago and now I'm graduating next year, that makes me kind of sad.
Apart for that I had a rought week, grade were almos given and next friday we have this day were the parents go to the school talks with the class teacher and them give us an inform with the grades, guess what, I failed chemestry, my parents are not the kind of parents that yelled and punish me for the grades, they now I put a lot of efford and I have a lot of pressure and actually I get more stressed that I should, anyway is a busy weekend full of homework and art project, what a surprise.
Besides school not much happening in my life, kind of boring as always, the only exing bit is that halloween is comming I'm not sure wich costume I'm wearing, it deppends in my school plans, I was thinking of The wizard of Oz's Dorothy or maybe a fairy but with a really cute ballet kind outfit, not sure yet...What are you wearng for halloween night?...Leave comments!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

School...Kind of suck!

So, today was my first day of school, and well I failed phisics Again! sucks! but well I can't do anything for it. Anyway as far as I concern that's the only subject I'm failing this term, is been a hard term and I'm really sleppy right now cause the shedule of my school! can you belive I entered at 7 am and my bus pick me up at 6:15 am Gosh!
The day (apart for the failing) was actually pretty good, on Math my teacher told me she thinks I pass!!! Great!, then my social studies teacher didn't go, so free time! then I had P.E and well it wasn't that bad hehe I don't like it very much, then on english class we strated a movie, Dawn Anna, I don't know if you had seen it but is kind of sad. Finally on chemestry the teacher give me the term test and I passed!!!
So watching it know it wasn't that bad, I saw my friends and we have a great time today, the luch was kind of bad you know, but this really nice cafeteria lady gave my two desserts OMG I had forgot about that, she's so nice, she gave me and my friends another dessert, but she said like "No I can't do it" and she was gaving them to us, sooo cute:)
Anyway, again short and boring post!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Time is passing by...Quickly!

So tomorrow I start classes again, back to school!, not so exiting, a new term is starting and well I have no idea how this first term went...well anyway I was just thinking about time and well is passing by so quickly, it seems like it was yesterday when summer vacations started and now I'm 8 weeks away christmas vacations, OMG!! if time continue passing so quickly I will graduate sooo quiclky, God!
Anyway I don't want to wake up early tomorrow!!! I hate waking up early when is still dark (As usually in my case) and going to school with rain or when is sooo cold, but I'm happy to see my friends again, ask them how their art projects are going and stuff like that. My vacation week pass by quickly! and even when my art project is almost finished I feel like it was a normal week, nothing special happen and it was kind of fun kind of boring, I don't know I just wish vacations were longer and than tomorrow I can wake up at a normal hour, I mean when the sun is out. When I'm on vacations I sleep until 9 or 10 and the sun actually bothers me so somethimes I used those masks for slepping hahaha, now I know is time to put it away again some time until vacations hahahaha.
Ok, that's all for now! sorry again for the short post:P

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A little vacations...

So I'm on holiday week, just a little break of 10th grade. So last week I has term tests, and I hope I get good grades, remember the cheerleading contest? well we loose:(, it was kind of depressing our dance was the best but we have some mistakes, in case you're wondering, I don't dance, I'm not part of the team, I had try twice to enter but is hard:S and also they practice so much! Anyway I had a great time with my friends in the contest even when it was in a place with so little space for everyone, but it was fun, exept for the loser part:S.
This week I'm doing an art project, kind of hard, this time I'm making a dress with a fabric I designed..Tomorrow the fabric will be done and I will start, I'm kind of afraid...First I go with a lady that make dresses but she couldn't have the dress in the rigth time, so I decide to try to do it myself, I hope it will be easy I already seen tons of how to's and stuff like that.
Wish me luck!
P.S: Sorry for the short post.