Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A little vacations...

So I'm on holiday week, just a little break of 10th grade. So last week I has term tests, and I hope I get good grades, remember the cheerleading contest? well we loose:(, it was kind of depressing our dance was the best but we have some mistakes, in case you're wondering, I don't dance, I'm not part of the team, I had try twice to enter but is hard:S and also they practice so much! Anyway I had a great time with my friends in the contest even when it was in a place with so little space for everyone, but it was fun, exept for the loser part:S.
This week I'm doing an art project, kind of hard, this time I'm making a dress with a fabric I designed..Tomorrow the fabric will be done and I will start, I'm kind of afraid...First I go with a lady that make dresses but she couldn't have the dress in the rigth time, so I decide to try to do it myself, I hope it will be easy I already seen tons of how to's and stuff like that.
Wish me luck!
P.S: Sorry for the short post.

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Bella said...

heyy. new blog. check it, commment it, follow it, love it. end of story.