Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tests and cheers!

So, I haven't post in a while cause I been so busy with homework and horse riding lessons and parties hehe. Really 10th grade is getting harder and harder everytime and my stress levels are coming up and up, so I'm like in a bad mood and kind of sad cause I'm not getting very good grades, I mean is not like I'm failing evrything or something, but still it freaks me out, is my responsability to get good grades and I'm not doing it well, but still I guess I'm not that bad I had made several lists ans stuff and is not that but, I'm worring too much.
This week is a busy week, we have like 5 term test plus on wednesday the semifinal of a cheerleading contest and on friday the final, don't think I'm planing to go to the final without knowing if my school pass or don't, is just that is commun that my school pass to the final, my hole school know it, I guess all know. So I think I'm going on friday cause on thursday I have chemestry term test and on friday math term test, so I'm going to study tomorrow that I have school until 1:30p.m and I have my "homework class" hahahahaha.
Anyway next week is like break week, I don't have school since monday to next tuesday, so I'm really looking forward to it...
In case you're wondering about the friendship and love day, well it wnded pretty good, the only incident was that one of the girls of the grade I was giving cookies to, start like a little fogth saying I forgot a brownie and bla bla bla, I wass so pissed cause I was sure I gave it to her, I run to get her another brownie with a card and when I went back she had find it, I mean come on!! so Camila (my best friend and parter in the brownie thing) and I were really angry with this 6th grade girl, at the end it all ended well, some local grups went to my school and play we sing have some contest and well it was a good day, and everybody likes my cookies!!! hehehe.
So I will post about my tests results and the cheerleading contest!


Darling Dears. said...

a social studies project :p

&& good luck in 10th grade!

Darling Dears. said...

oh, i hate homework! keep posting! :)