Wednesday, September 10, 2008

That's the way it's supposed to be...

So, wednesday, half of the week and what a busy week! I have an examan tommorow and I have to end an art project for monday...Anyway on monday I saw the trailer of the movie of confessions of a shopaholic, remember? My favorite book ever, and well is not the same, first of all because they took the first 3 books and made only one single movie, second most of the actors don't match the book's characters (I mean hair color, accent, etc) But still it looks like a great movie, I think I going to see it when it comes out on february. What else in my life? Nothing really importatnt just school, and I have to say I'm loving school, 10th grade is going so well I love my classroom I love my friends and the topics are fine, I mean obiously some classes are boring sometimes, but is great. Such a small class (8 most of the time) and well the fact that I love my school sooo much, is incredible that in two years I'll be done with it, I had been in my school since I was four and I'm still in it, I never was the new girl or something like that and I have such great memories. I know that if when I grow up and get married and have children I'm still living in my country my daugthers are going to my school, no matter what everybbody thinks about it, is kind of a family tradition cause my grandmother studied in my school and also my mother, and my aunts and my great aunts and kind of everyone in my family, well is because is the best school EVER! hahaha I think I sound a little too schoolholic...hahahaha, well I don't know why I have this sudden love for my school, I mean I love it but... Well you get me!
Sorry for the boring post I guess.

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