Thursday, July 31, 2008

School, School, School

Hi! Today I went to my school to get some of my supplies, I still have to buy the notebooks ans somethings, I also bougth uniforms. You don't imagine how much stuff do I need to 10th grade, Its a lot!! seriously and the chemistry book is huge!!...Anyway after that I came to my home and paint my nails and then I went to Physics class because I failed so I have to do this stupid workshop to give it to my teacher later Gosh! I really hate summer homework. Anyway I'm now in my house watching friends and eating a Mc Donald's Mc Flurry!
I'm kind of sad the summer is ending and that soon I'll be back to school, but in other way I miss my friends andI have some goals for this year, I'm trying to be kind of a workaholic this year as I used to be and see if I get better grades, it not that I'm a bad student I'm actually a good one (except in Physics) but I don't want to have a bad time thinking if I aprove or failed, also my school is getting harder and harder and this year will be really hard, beacause we just get the Ib and bla bla bla, my mom sais I must have some teachers that help me with homework and that kind of stuff cause I get really stress out about school and be kind of perfect in all my subjects and well I always have some difficult days in wich I get a lot of things together and I cry or something cause I can't do it all at the same time and my mom is trying to make thing easier for me helping me so sweet!! Anyway nothing else for now.
Leave comments!! I always looking forward for them I want to know how your summer is going and Back to school preparations are going!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hi! I was looking in different blogs yesterday, and I found this quiz on Aren's Blog, it looks great for me and I think is a great way for you to know a little more about myself:).

001. real name → Tatiana
002. nickname → Tatis, Tatico
003. single or taken → single.
004. zodiac sign → Cancer
005. male or female → female.
006. elementary → Gim. Femenino
007. middle → Gim. Femnino
008. highschool → Gim. Femenino
009. hair color → Brunette
010. long or short → Long
011. are you a health freak → Nooo!!
012. height → Really I don't know :S
013. do you have a crush on someone → Not at the moment-
014. do you like yourself → Yes, most of the time.
015 piercings → Ears
016. tattoos → Noo!
017. righty or lefty → Righty.


018. first surgery → Haven't have one yet
019. first piercing → Ears.
020. first best friend → Valentina
021. first award → Best Student
022. first sport you joined → Swim
023. first pet → Bunny
024. first vacation → Santa Marta
025. first concert → Shakira
026. first crush → Don't remember


027. eating → Nothing.
028. drinking → Nothing.
029. i'm about to → Watc TV
030. listening to → Rihanna - Take A Bow
031. wearing → Jeans, White top, Beige hoodie and pony tail!
032. moody → Mmmm


033. want kids → Yes, 3
034. want to get married → Obiously!!
035. careers in mind? → Wedding Planner, Journalist.
036. see yourself in 4 years → In Universtity, missing my school, organize.
037. college → Not in my plans.


038. lips or eyes → Eyes.
039. hugs or kisses → Hugs.
040. shorter or taller → Taller, I have to been able to use high heels hehe
041. romantic or spontaneous → Romantic with a tiny bit of spontaneous.
042. nice stomach or nice arms → Nice stomach.
043. sensitive or loud → A little bit of both.
044. hook-up or relationship → Realationship
045. trouble maker or hesitant → Somewhere between.


046. kissed a stranger → Never.
047. drank bubbles → No
048. lost glasses/contacts → No
049. ran away from home → No
050. broken any bones → No
051. broken someone's heart → I don't think so.
051. been arrested → No.
052. turned someone down → Yes
053. cried when someone died → Yes.
054 liked a friend → Yes
055. drank egg nog → No
056. gone to therapy → No
057. played spin the bottle → No
058. toilet papered someone's house → No
059. liked someone but never told them → Yes
060. spied on someone → No
061. stolen anything → Yes, but I return it!
062. gone camping → No
063. had a crush on your sister's friend → I don't have a sister.
064. gone to a nude beach → Noooo!!
065. gone streaking → No
066. had a stalker → Not exactly...
067. gone skinny dipping → No
068. laughed so hard you cried → Yes, every time!!
069. gone to a party → Yes
070. been in love → No...well I don't think so.
071. felt betrayed by your best friend → Yes.
072. lied to your parents → Yes, but not like huge lies just little white ones :)
073. been out of the us → No.
074. thrown up from working out → No
075. gotten a haircut so bad that you wore hat → No
076. 3 meals from 3 different fast food places → Nooo
077. done anything hurtful to your classmate → Yes, and I fell bad about it know, even when it happend on 5th grade:S
078. been cheated on by someone → No


079. yourself → Most of the times
080. miracles → Yes
081. love at first sight → Yes
082. heaven → Sure!
083. santa clause → No
084. angels → Yes!
085. kissing on the first date → No
086. sex before marriage → Definetly No.


087. is there one or more people you want to be with right now → No
088. had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time → No...Never will-!!
089. do you believe in god → Yes!


090. smell → Bath and Body Works' coconut lime verbena products!
091. sound → Don't really have a favorite sound...
092. movie → The devil wears Prada, P.S I love you.
093. clothing item → Shoes!
094. clothing store → Aeropostale, American Eagle.


095. still talk with the first person you dated → I haven't dated :S
096. are you obsessed with someone → Not at the moment, but used to be.
097. best thing about your job → I don't have a job.
098. like more than one person right now → Noo.
099. any compliments today → Yes! That I was pretty and thin!
100. next vacation → Not sure yet
101. friends guys or girls → It depens, for somethings like gossip Girls but when you need things clear Boys.
102. own any furniture from ikea → Yes, well my family does,
103. last book you rea → Shopaholic & Sister.
104. super power → Hmmmm
105. lived most of your life → The same place I live now.
106. why is the sky blue → Don't really know why....
107. last song you listened to → If I never see your face again Maroon 5 ft Rihanna.
108. if you could be anywhere right now where would it be → NYC
109. mood atm → Tired and Worry
110. plans for tomorrow → I don't have plans :(:(:(
111. last time you slept for more then 12 hours → Yesterday

Well that was kind of long, anyway I want to remind you I copy/paste the taste from Aren'r Blog and change the answers, so If you want to use it or something ask her!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Almost Over Summer:(

Hi! I don't know you but at leat my summer is almost over, I'm leaving to my country tomorrow and in two weeks I have my first day of school :( can you believe it?? Well the good part is that I make most of my back-to-school shopping here in United States and I got fabulous pink stuff I love, the thing is I'm kind of sad that my summer is over, I mean the next summer will be my last summer on school and seriously I love my school (just for you to know I'm in my school since I was four, in my country there is not separate elementary school, high school and that).
Anyway I had had a great summer, the only thing is that I totally want to see Mamma mia, you know the movie, and my mother didn't take me and I'm not sure is in my country yet, but what can I do? Nothing!. I just start reading Bratfest at Tiffany's (a little late I know) I had read like the half of it or a little less and I don't know I'm still not used to the girl and boy school and the pretty committee beign ignored by everyone and Cam Fisher with Olivia, well I hope that everything in the book improve and I'm waiting for the movie! even when I saw the trailer and the Pretty Committe looks nothing as I imagine them but well they can make it they way I picture it hahahahaha!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Hi there! Yeah I know I been missing for a while now, but I was kind of busy you know, it was my birthay, then my trip and summer camp, so anyway today I'm alone in the apartment we rented in Fl and I think that a new post in my blog will be fun. So while I was "missing" I read 3 book, that's rigth 3 hole book in less than 2 weeks! The thing is I love this "Shopaholic" series books, I get the first one last year and took it home with all "the Clique "books less one (Bratfest at Tiffany's), and tha truth is that I don't like it (Confessions of a Shopaholic) from the first moment, so I only buy that one and go home, then when I read it I realize that is a great book, is my favorite you know!, so as soon as I got back to USA I bought the other 4 books in the series, I got them in the wrong order but I don't care I just read them all in the wrong order and them read them again in the right order! just an excuse!!! Anyway I love those books, actually there is a movie in progress, but I don't think It will be as good as the books really, even when the actors are great and everything I think they put the first 3 books in the first movie and I don't think that will work, but well they must know what they are doign rigth? Well you must be bored with my little book paragraph, but actually there's not much more of my summer really, today my best friend arrives to Miami so I think I will see her on saturday or something and I had bougth a lot of stuff and need to get more clothes!! I will be posting soon again, I swear! Well feel free to comment I'm sure your comments will make me happier!(I love comments) XOXO Tatis