Thursday, July 24, 2008

Almost Over Summer:(

Hi! I don't know you but at leat my summer is almost over, I'm leaving to my country tomorrow and in two weeks I have my first day of school :( can you believe it?? Well the good part is that I make most of my back-to-school shopping here in United States and I got fabulous pink stuff I love, the thing is I'm kind of sad that my summer is over, I mean the next summer will be my last summer on school and seriously I love my school (just for you to know I'm in my school since I was four, in my country there is not separate elementary school, high school and that).
Anyway I had had a great summer, the only thing is that I totally want to see Mamma mia, you know the movie, and my mother didn't take me and I'm not sure is in my country yet, but what can I do? Nothing!. I just start reading Bratfest at Tiffany's (a little late I know) I had read like the half of it or a little less and I don't know I'm still not used to the girl and boy school and the pretty committee beign ignored by everyone and Cam Fisher with Olivia, well I hope that everything in the book improve and I'm waiting for the movie! even when I saw the trailer and the Pretty Committe looks nothing as I imagine them but well they can make it they way I picture it hahahahaha!

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Thanks for commenting. =) Nope, I didn't make that quiz. I found on one of my friends facebook. And lol, you can use it. =)
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