Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Hi there! Yeah I know I been missing for a while now, but I was kind of busy you know, it was my birthay, then my trip and summer camp, so anyway today I'm alone in the apartment we rented in Fl and I think that a new post in my blog will be fun. So while I was "missing" I read 3 book, that's rigth 3 hole book in less than 2 weeks! The thing is I love this "Shopaholic" series books, I get the first one last year and took it home with all "the Clique "books less one (Bratfest at Tiffany's), and tha truth is that I don't like it (Confessions of a Shopaholic) from the first moment, so I only buy that one and go home, then when I read it I realize that is a great book, is my favorite you know!, so as soon as I got back to USA I bought the other 4 books in the series, I got them in the wrong order but I don't care I just read them all in the wrong order and them read them again in the right order! just an excuse!!! Anyway I love those books, actually there is a movie in progress, but I don't think It will be as good as the books really, even when the actors are great and everything I think they put the first 3 books in the first movie and I don't think that will work, but well they must know what they are doign rigth? Well you must be bored with my little book paragraph, but actually there's not much more of my summer really, today my best friend arrives to Miami so I think I will see her on saturday or something and I had bougth a lot of stuff and need to get more clothes!! I will be posting soon again, I swear! Well feel free to comment I'm sure your comments will make me happier!(I love comments) XOXO Tatis

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