Friday, May 9, 2008

Wonderfull Week!

Hi! I just have an amazing week wich I enjoy a lot so here it is: Monday: Holiday! so I go to my club and then get back to my home and have a quiet afternoon. Tuesday(Best day): At the morning at school I recive an invitation for a party wich look fantastic, then my mother pick me up early and we go with a friend with the Miguel Bose's concert wich was absolutley amazing! It was one of the best concerts in my life, now I'm totally a big fan of him, I was before like forever but now I'm a bigger fan. Wednesday: Kind of sad, I want to go back in time to go to the concert again and there was a posibility of going to the concert again that nigth because there were 2 concerts here but my mom have a dinner so we don't go:(, but I wen dress shopping all afternoon with my mom, I don't find anything but I have a great evening. Thursday: I was still thinking in the concert (I'm kind of obsessed), anyway we went dress shopping again and decide ti buy the fabric and just do it, well obiously a modist is going to do it. Friday: Quiet day, I went to the modist and to several stores I buy some thing but nothing important. So there was my week and in case you don't know how Miguel Bose is, I will put a song of him in my blog Ipod and a photo, he only sings in spanish but is great!.I'm defenitly a big fan of him!! XOXO Tatis