Thursday, July 30, 2009

Really cute ice cream idea, plus a little of my day

Hi! so today I bring you a lovely idea I found at, I haven't try it yet but it looks so cute I'm thinking of making a party only to try them, anyway for this summer project you will need ice- cream (the flavor you want but works better if you use the creamy one not sorbet), sprinkles (or any topping) and wood sticks , all you have you to do is scoop several balls of ice cream in a baking sheet, insert the stick on the ball and chill them until hardened, them roll scoops on the sprinkles and you are done!, this idea will take away the pressure of having to scoop the ice cream in the middle of the party and they look so much prettier than regular ice cream scoops in a bowl.
Well is time for telling you about my day, a normal summer day, I wake up pretty late :P, then after I was ready I have lunch (delicious pasta salad I love <3) and then my mom really kindly offer to take me to the movies, so I went with her to see "I love you man" (I know is kind of old but in my country movies premier a little late), when I arrived home my brother was with some of his friends and he was so mean with me so my mom take me to a mall to buy some binders I need for school, once there we discover that particular store didn't have the binders I want but we reserved some in the other location the traffic was a nigthmare and while we were in the car my mom and me have some girl talk, then we arrived and it was closed but I was so upset, they were supposed to close at 7 and it was 6:50 I still had 10 minutes, I really hate this sales assistans that treat you wrong, she didn't even open the door she just see me througth the glass door (not even leaving her chair) and wave me to go, I was so upset really I hate when people aren't nice and don't do their jobs rigth! Anyway I'm more calm now, but still tomorrow I'm going to get my binders!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sorry :(

Hi! Sorry I haven't post in a while :(, but I was in a road trip! well actually I was in a cottage with my family but I made a Road trip to go there, it was so awesome. It was a hot weather place so my hair was pretty bad as far as I corcern. Anyway it was pretty good but I didn't have internet there, I only have a little internet when I went to the country club with my Iphone(I made a comment for Gossips from there). So this post is about my trip basically I went to one of the modern 7 world wonders (I think, well it was nominated and as far as I know it win) the name is "CaƱon dal Chicamocha" well I can't translate that sorry! It was awesome and the rest of my trip was basically shopping and hanging by the pool and watching old movies with my little cousin, I watch the beauty and the beast and the last time I had seen that was years ago and is my favorite disney movie!, well that's about everything about my 10 day trip I have some picsas you can see.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A simple summer treat, usually forgotten!

Hi! Today I have a new idea for summer snack! And is an easy no-cooking project that you will enjoy doing and eating as well; I'm talking about cereal treats, I guess you have already taste them or at least hear about them. Well I must said they are like my favorite summer treat, just because is as easy as it can gets, no baking, no waiting, just enjoying! You will need:
Six tablespoons of unsalted butter
Six cups of Crisp rice cereal (or any cereal really, pick your fav!)
One bag of marshmallows
A saucepan
Melt the butter in the saucepan, them add the marshmellows until they're melted too, finally add the cereal you had choosen and mix them without taking the saucepan off the fire, when you're done you just have to give them a shape, you can make little balls or put the entire mix in a baking pan to make regular square cereal treats, another great idea is to use cookies cutters, but I haven't try it, so I'm not sure how it works. You can decorate them with color buttercream, I recommend not to use a los of buttercream cuz the treats will be really sweet, but is up to you!
Well I hope you like this simple recipe!