Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving season!

Hi! It's thanksgiving season, and even thougth my country don't celebrate thankgiving I love this season of the year, the colors are just lovly and everything to be calm down between summer and christmas. Every season have its own lovely things but fall is special, when I think of fall I usually think of childhood afternoons in the park, happy times when nothing can go wrong. Anyway I just want to tell you: feel the season! is almos christmas season (wich I love too, my christmas tree is already in the living room;)) and vacations are just across the corner so relaz and enjoy this wonderfull climate and remmember back then when you used to be little and happy and when a mountain of leaves where the most fun thing in the world!
Current obsession: Flavor lip balms!! OMG a girl in my grade is selling lip balms and I swear I may be broke next month, I just got a cupcake lip blam and a citrus smoothie one! I love them!
& I also started watching Fox Glee, in my country it had been only 3 episodes and already I'm loving it! so I recommend that you buy a grat lip balm (usuall they are not expensive, once I got a jolly ranger one for 1 doller at Target) and watch Glee is really good!
Leave a comment telling me your favorite season of the year and your plans for thanksgiving!