Sunday, June 28, 2009


OMG! What a week, I mean seriously so many things happen, we have my birthday on tuesday:) also on tuesday my 11th grade jacket delivery:D, then thursday well I was with my brother in his eye-doctor appointment when we hear about Michael Jackson's death, and honestly I couldn't belive it, I ask everyone then when we get in the car I turned inmediatly the radio on, to hear it was true, well I'm still in shock actually, I wasn't a huge fan but still he was a very good artist; the I went to a mall and bougth a lovely handbag:) (I love handbags) and then back to home when I watch the beging of project runway season 5 ( I know there is already a seson 6, but what can I do everything arrive to my country late:S), and news when I discover that Farrah Fawcett also die, a sad day for pop culture. On friday I had my cousin's graduation and that's pretty much it!
So apart for my week I have a new idea for snacks that involve ice cream (Yum!)

This one is ice-cream with cupcakes, I acually get it from, and I found it awesome, it has to be the best summer treat, I haven't try it yet so I don't know how easy would bee to actually eat it, but I guess that if you have fork and take the ice cream at the same time that the cupcake can actually work. Is easy to make you only need well cupcakes, and again you can make them or buy them (without frosting obiously), my advice is to buy Betty Crocker's muffin mix and decorate them yourself, also you can buy cake mix but instead of using a cake pan, you just put the mixture into baking cups!. Anyway when you have your cupcake just scoop some ice cream on top and done!
you have the cutest summer treat!
And since today I will have a new section in my blog (just have the idea) with the name: Cupcake of the day! cuz I'm seeing lot odf creative cupcake I want to share with you! Hope you like it!
Feel free to comment!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer is here!

So summer is finally here! and for me one of the best things of it, is having time for myself cuz I'm always so busy with school homework and projects that I barely find time to do my hair and nails. But off course, don't matter how much I love relaxing I can't afford going to a spa. So I'm always looking for beauty tips, that help me to feel better without leaving my own house, not even for "ingridients".
One of my favorite is the oatmeal and honey facial mask, is so easy and helpfull; you just mix some oatmeal flakes with honey (I don't know the exact measurement) until it looks like a paste, you spread over your face and wait about 20 to 30 minutes, rinse it with lots of water and that's all! You'll have a smother skin!.
Other tip I love is the vinegar hair wash, this is actually very simple. Sometimes you feel like your hair is dirty and no matter how many time you wash it with your regular shampoo it seems to get dirty easier than normal, so the tip is to use vinegar after you wash your hair, let me explain it better: You wash your hair with regular shampoo and conditioner, then you apply vinegar, you can try the regular bottle of the vinegar (it a little unconfortable but you can use that) or you can find a bottle with a spray it would be easier to apply, then you rinse it very very well and just like that you will have a cleaner hair! But wait probably you are thinking "what about the smell?" well personally I don't think it left a smell but if you think it smells or something you can apply some hair treatment afterwards. By the way I learn this from Jaclyn Smith from Sheer Genius!
Last but not least for tired eyes (tell me about it!) you can use tea bags, you just put them in hot water, as if you were doing rehgular tea, them squeeze them for about 5 minutes and let them cool, put them over your close eyes and relax!
I hope you liked my tips, I know there are only three but we have the hole summer and as soon as I proved more of them I will tell you...Share with me your favorite natural beauty tip

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Start all over!

So Is been a while since the last time I posted something, and now I'm trying with a new template with the promise of start a new blog...Well not exactly a new new blog, but just more options and more compromise of my part. I will try to not feel disspointed because sometimes nobody comment! I will not stop writing!hehehe
Anyway I'm on summer vacations now, up to eleventh grade, only one year to university!