Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas for everyone!! Have a great holiday!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Finally vacations!

So today was my first day of vacations, in the morning I made a homework and send it to my teacher, then I went to a reunion with my mother's friends it was pretty cool, now I'm leaving to a dinner at my aunt's house, you know Holidays:)
Anyway, my cousins are leaving so yesterday we made like a christmas a little one, so they gave me some amazing gifts: Victoria's Secret Pink perfume!!!!!! Loooove it and two pink t-shirts, amazing too! I'm so happy!
So holidays officially started yesterday in my country, for a week we do like reunions were we pray and eat and talk, unntil chiritmas eve!
I'm exited I'm on vacations!!!!!!!
Sorry for the short post

Monday, December 15, 2008

Chiristmas vacations & party?

Tomorrow is my last day of school this year, today I'm planing to arrived a little late so I can see my best friend who lives in Mexico and arrived here on friday and is leaving today, I haven't seen her yet. Still Im feeling kid of guilty of missing this day, I was supposed to be in my school to be in a community service activite and well I'm not there, I'm only goig to school to make a Theory of Knowlege term test, I just wish that staying at home is wothing and that I see my best friend today.
Anyway I can't wait till vacations, is only two days away but I'm desperate, my brother is already in vacations and all my friends are in vacations too, so I'm pretty much the only in school with my school friends obiously.
This chiritmas will be kind of lonely for my family, cuz my aunt is leaving to United States and my aunt is leaving to Santa Marta, wich leave only my grandparents, my parents and my aunt....iI'm not used to so little chiritmas parties, I love when the whole family is together and there are like a million gifts in the chiristmas tree, well I guess you don't always get what you want:S, the thing is now that we're growing up, the family seems to think is not important to us, that we don't care if there are 3 or 30 people in the party, ut tha truth is that I do care, I love chiristmas but if there is only 6 people I can't get the feeling, also my grandmother (my dad's mother) is getting surgery the 19th so we're pretty sure she will be on the hospital on chiristmas, so...
Anyway Chiristmas is chiristmas and I'm happy this time of the year is here, can't wait till wednesday!
P.S: Tell me what you think about my new blog!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008


So today was an interesting day, I went to school made my philosophy term test and at 9:30 my grandfather pick me at school and leave me at my house, since 10 till 3:00 I was working on a chemestry lab, well you know the writing par of it. My brother start vacations today, I'm so jealous. So this had been an interesting week, I had have stress, happines and all emotions. I have to tell you that yesterday I started talking again with a friend, I was actually thinking he had erase me from msn, but no...I used to have a crush on him, I'm not sure what's happening rigth now but well the time will tell.
Remmember the guy that have a crush on me, well today he told one of my brother's friends (wh is in my house) that he will stop trying, I kind of fell guilty abou it, but I didn't had a crush on him so it was kind of cruel giving him any hopes don't you think?
Anyway I'm leaving to a Juanes concert rigth now!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So this is the life...

So Today was my math term test and yesterday was my chemestry term test so I'm done with the most scariest tests, anyway I still have like 5 or more ahead. Life for me is pretty stessed rigth now, yeaterday I cry cuz I was really deperate, my mom offer to pick me up early so I did't have to present my art project, so that's why I'm in my home, I have to start preparing my expocition cuz I don't know when is going to be.
I'm tired of school rigth now, the only thing I want is vacations!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Pretty stressed!

So, I haven't post lately and I have a really good reason, actually two, the first one is that my school is getting harder and harder and I'm totally stressed, at the begining of the term I got really bad grades and I'm trying my best to make them up and don't have any problem, but the thing is we have so much things to do is crazy:
- Art proyect & a notebook for art with information
- Test week from 9 to 16
- Homework
- C.A.S = Community service, only that HARDER!
So I'm stressed somethin commun on me! and on top of it I'm thinking noone reads my blog anymore, I get like one comment or something I'm so sad about it cuz I looooove blogging and i love my blog, I feel that this is my place to share my life!
Anyway comment please, and Vacations are comming! a month for me!