Thursday, July 31, 2008

School, School, School

Hi! Today I went to my school to get some of my supplies, I still have to buy the notebooks ans somethings, I also bougth uniforms. You don't imagine how much stuff do I need to 10th grade, Its a lot!! seriously and the chemistry book is huge!!...Anyway after that I came to my home and paint my nails and then I went to Physics class because I failed so I have to do this stupid workshop to give it to my teacher later Gosh! I really hate summer homework. Anyway I'm now in my house watching friends and eating a Mc Donald's Mc Flurry!
I'm kind of sad the summer is ending and that soon I'll be back to school, but in other way I miss my friends andI have some goals for this year, I'm trying to be kind of a workaholic this year as I used to be and see if I get better grades, it not that I'm a bad student I'm actually a good one (except in Physics) but I don't want to have a bad time thinking if I aprove or failed, also my school is getting harder and harder and this year will be really hard, beacause we just get the Ib and bla bla bla, my mom sais I must have some teachers that help me with homework and that kind of stuff cause I get really stress out about school and be kind of perfect in all my subjects and well I always have some difficult days in wich I get a lot of things together and I cry or something cause I can't do it all at the same time and my mom is trying to make thing easier for me helping me so sweet!! Anyway nothing else for now.
Leave comments!! I always looking forward for them I want to know how your summer is going and Back to school preparations are going!


Lucy said...

Thanks for your help!

Skippy said...

Wow seems someone's a little exicted for school.I a way. I'm ready to start a new chapter in my life and learn.

I had a Mc Flurry once, it was a dissapointment to me...but it was better when I put in reese's pieces(my fav candy) and it made it all better.

-and long comments are my fav!

Rose Valentine said...

I'm excited for school as well! McFlurrys are yummy! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. :) I DO want to become friends with the guys but I shall I approach them?