Sunday, August 3, 2008

Just Another Day!

Hi! So this passed days had been kind of boring for me and this sunday is nos the exeption , I'm in my house and my mom is having a family reunion, you have to know that I love my family but the thing is that my mom's family live in the same building that me and they come every minute, sometimes is good that you have visits but other don't, you know what I mean?...I love them but they spent so many time in my house, that they don't let me do the things I have to do and sometimes I need time for my own. Today I'm just stress out by this cause seriously they spent the whole day here doing nothing and don't letting me do something they interrupt me so often! Don't get me wrong is good to have family arround and everything but you also need your own space and time, I actually think this is affecting me cause I used to be so bubbly and happy when I had visits but now I kind of hate visits, well some visits...For instance I'm watching a movie, and the doorbell rings and my aunt come in and began to watch the movie with me, but beacuse she came late she missed half of the movie and spent the half left asking about everything so at the end of the movie I don't really get it, cause I had to explain it, and that happen with everything! when I'm in the computer someone come and ask me what I'm doing and sit next to me watching everything I do, is not that I'm doing anything wrong but come on! I'm talking with my friends I don't need someone next to me reading everything I write!
See my point here??.
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Ada Potata said...

Sorry bout not replying your comment you gave meh a long time ago, i just saw it. My comment don't get sent to me as emails anymore. Sigh. Oh My Gizzles I love your blog. Pink-a-holics , thats totally me. lol comment back! --ada <3

Skippy said...

Family is troubleing.
You love them because they are your family, yet because they are your family you see things they do that other people may pass off(talking during awesome movies, asking obvious questions, talking loudly, etc). Which for me, theses things can sometimes be very irking.

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