Friday, August 15, 2008

Its Friday!

Hi! Today is my first 10th grade friday and monday is holiday in my country so I'm having a 3 day weekend! The week was pretty good, most of my classes are great and I'm really happy in my classroom. My best friend is now back from Canada! and even when her is not in the same classroom than me in most of the classes we spent the recess together, unfurtunatly I can't spent lunch time with her because some stupid new rule in my school, in which you have the same table for all the year with the same girls and a teacher with us that watch the way we eat, speak and everything in the table, and my best friend is not in my table:S But apart for that is awesome! I totally love 10th grade! even when like real classes haven't started yet I think that this will be a great year, and I have to keep my mind positive through the year cause is a hard one with the new IB (International Baccalaureate) program in my school, but I think that since we are the first grade to have the chance of having it, it will be easier! So that's all I have for now, apart for school my life is normal and quiet as usual, the only thing I dn't like about school is that I have to wake up early and I don't have enougth time to read my books:( But I will do my best! and I promise I will do my best with posting too!

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Skippy said...

That stinks you can't sit with you bestist friend. Lame rules. I'm glad you're having fun at school, hopefully the rest of the year will be a brezze too.