Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm a celebrity and the world is my runway

So, you have to know I have some kind of obsession of aving everything as perfect as possible and were I'm able to show how perefctionist I am is in school, my notebooks are in cursive letter with 5 different colors, I used hot pink for the date, orange for the title, green for the subtitle, clear blue for other things and deep blue for the text. All my things in the school are organized and I heve to be looking good in the school, I always do my hair in the mornings, just a tiny bit of makeup, my nails are done and I have my bracelts and watch, I wear my uniform perfectly just with a touch of pink ere and there (watch and sometimes headband). I'm not sure you're intesested on everything I just wrote but the point is that I put a lot of effort on my and my things so everyone who see them notice how perfectionist I am and ow organized I am and it is just because I'm kind of insecure so I rather have everything under control that having everyting in disorder and not beign able to answer the way I'm supposed to, anyway the thing is that in the school and everywere I'm showing everyone who I am, I like the fact that wen I'm walkingin te mall people turn their heads to see me just because I take risk and choose to wear high heels when evryone else is wearing ballet flats, and I like the fact that in school people know me for something good and not for beign the mean girl or the rude one.
I'm happy with myself and my advice to you is to look inside of you and find your real you and show it to the world, in a good way, in a way other people see it and feel jealous about it, in a way you are te celebrity in your own movie, in your own runway that is the world.


Skippy said...

It's ok to be a perfectionist, it's normal. Plus we all suffer from it just a little bit.

Darling Dears. said...

i don't mind, and thanks for telling me :)

Megan :] said...

Hey i love ur title.im a celbrity and life is my runway!! Oh and also i copied ur background because i loved IT!THANKS! COOL BLOG!