Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm sick!

So I'm sick I have the flu and I hate it, I missed school on wednesday and I was feeling better on thursday but on friday gets worse, I was without voice and yesterday it just have me everything, I spent the hole day in my house, just went out like half an hour to Blockbuster and rent some movies, and today I'm in my club feeling bad:(.
It's awfull, I mean I was exited cause tomorrow I have to stay at my school after classes to organized the brownies thing (remmember?) and Laura was going after to my house to do a work for english but now I feel terrible! I hata hate hate hate the flu.
So nothing else in my life, pretty boring by the way. That's all for now

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Glass Mannequin said...

I'm sorry... I like your blog, though. Pink is amazing.