Friday, September 12, 2008

A day in my life!

So, today was a crazy day for me, first of all I was busy this morning with lots of things I was taking my laptop to school and I left in my home a binder where I have something for spanish class and an essay for philosophy and also I left a book!! a book I had borrowed for my spanish teacher! So when I arrived to school with my really heavy jiraffe print tote bag (beacuse of my laptop) I realize all the things I had left behind in my house, so I call my mom and she take the book to my school:). I will tell you the hole day.
Bus trip from my house to school I was soo sleepy, and some girl take out my laptop and put some music and a little girl start singing songs in english but of course she is so little she dosen't know a lot of english yet (in case you don't know my first lenguage is spanish), so this little girl was hillarious hahaha I laughed a lot. Then I arrived to school and realize all the things I left in my house and I haven't done a homework, what a way to start the day. Then english class, boring as usual my teacher Charlie is kind of mean, in my school we have this tradition that the 10th grade girls sell cookies in this time of the year cause in my country we celebrate like a friendship and love day on september, so we (10th graders) sell cookies or brownies to all the school and is just like a little paper with little cards and you write the girls who buy you and then the day of friendship and love day we have the brownies to everyone. Is fun! and if you're popular you ended up with tons of brownies or cookies or whatever girls are selling that year. So back to english one of my classmate was coloring the little cards and the teacher took them so she told him that he can't do that cause there were the names of all the girls and all 10th grade will be in trouble if those brownies wasn't delivered, and he LAUGHED!!! I was really angry, he just think he is better than us or something and he is totally not!. So then I don't know how my friend get back her cards and everything was Ok again.
Then spanish, just the hole two hours writing an essay about "Medea", a Greek play. So at the end I send it to my teacher by mail, and now I'm insecure about it, what if I get a low grade and I failed?...OMG! Well what is done is nothing to do with it.
Then recess and remember my philosophy essay left on the binder on my house? I had to print it, and do a homework and argg!! so in recess I was suppoused to do that but I didn't, and thank god my philosophy teacher (who I lovve, is like the best teacher ever) didn't go to class, and we happen to have 4 hole hours with him, 2 of philosophy and two of T.O.K (theory of knowledge) so in that time, my great friend Laura lend me her social studies homework and all the 8 girls in my classroom talked about this "secret friend" game (you know the one in which there are like all the names of the classmates in a bowl and you pick one and have to keep the secret and give her little details for some time until one day everyone gave a gift to her secret friend?) and Laura and just sit there on facebook and listening music on my laptop and talking about old times. The thing about Laura is that she and her twin sister used to be in a grade higher than mine but they failed 1 grade and Laura entered to my room, and we were really good friends like for two years util we ended on different classrooms and we kind of, stop talking for a while. But know we are together again and she seats next to me and well is great, I'm happy I'm again with her. So then lunch time, I just spend it with my best friend studying for a social studies quiz and talking about plans for the future. Then social studies, a quiz!!! It was hard! I think I maybe failed or got like a 3 or something:S. Then I take the bus to get to my home and in my home there was my brother, a friend of him and my mother, we eat like cupcakes and then my cousin arrived and I started an art project, and well a quiet afternoon for me, no Ugly Betty:( (God I love it, the original one.) and well now I'm really sleepy I think I will eat something and go to bed!
What a long post!

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Darling Dears. said...

well i'm just going to tell you this, so brace yourself....

you are one lucky person. i never got to know my grandfathers'. they are the only relatives that i haven't ever got to know. i've read about them in books, seen them in movies, heard about my friends grandfathers, but never really had one. it sounds sad, but i look at it like this, i'll find out the mystery someday.

man why am i being so formal? hah. thanks for the comment :)