Friday, October 24, 2008

Bla, bla, bla...

So another week ended today, and well I missed school on tuesday and wednesday cuz I was kind of sick, and on wednesday I have an stress attack and I kind of freak out because my art proyect wasn't ready and I was supposed to present it on thursday, and everything was like mix up, it was my father birthday and my hole family was in my house, and the typical comment of "it's just art"...Gosh is not just "art" is way more than that. Is IB's Visual arts! I have a lot of preassure and to tell you the truth I'm not good mannaging preassure I'm way to anxios and I can't stop the anxienty when everything is going wrong, but seriously it was so bad my stess attack that in the nigth I cry a lot, alone (kind of pathetic I know) but sometimes I feel like a faliture and noone support me, I feel like I have no friends to talk about this stuff, I mean I have friends lots of them but none of them is comprehensive with my and my obssesion of beign perfect.
My mom is so great, the day after that, she spoke with me and told me she and my dad are worried about me cuz I worry way to much about school, they were even thinking on changing me of school, but I love my school, only one year and a half to graduate for it.
Anyway today was supposed to be a day off, in which teachers have grades to parents and weel I don't have classes, but the system fell so, I have school today but it was funny almost nobody went! so we were 15 girls in 10th grande and 3 girls in my own classroom, so I didn't have classes I just spend the day in my school doing nothing! YAY!
And also, well I think noone reads my blog anymore, so I'm not sure about continue it or what...Just leave comments to tell me your opinions!

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Gossip said...

Hey, I love that you talk about yourself on your blog!. Some of my subjects are celebs gossips so if you wanna know anything about anybody just post a comment alright?