Tuesday, October 14, 2008

School...Kind of suck!

So, today was my first day of school, and well I failed phisics Again! sucks! but well I can't do anything for it. Anyway as far as I concern that's the only subject I'm failing this term, is been a hard term and I'm really sleppy right now cause the shedule of my school! can you belive I entered at 7 am and my bus pick me up at 6:15 am Gosh!
The day (apart for the failing) was actually pretty good, on Math my teacher told me she thinks I pass!!! Great!, then my social studies teacher didn't go, so free time! then I had P.E and well it wasn't that bad hehe I don't like it very much, then on english class we strated a movie, Dawn Anna, I don't know if you had seen it but is kind of sad. Finally on chemestry the teacher give me the term test and I passed!!!
So watching it know it wasn't that bad, I saw my friends and we have a great time today, the luch was kind of bad you know, but this really nice cafeteria lady gave my two desserts OMG I had forgot about that, she's so nice, she gave me and my friends another dessert, but she said like "No I can't do it" and she was gaving them to us, sooo cute:)
Anyway, again short and boring post!

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