Saturday, October 18, 2008

Weekend again!

Finally weekend! this morning I had to wake up early to go to my school to a first communion, it was the fisrt communion of the kids od my school's fundation, my school's fundation is a school, where kids which live in lower classes, so basically like 50 years ago some students started this project and now is a reality, actualy right now 10th grade (me) are working to help them cause they have problems with the structure of the school and if this problems aren't solve before 2010 the fundation have to close, so we're doing our best!...Anyway I change the subect, so I wake up early and went there and I remmember about my own first communion, gosh that was years ago and now I'm graduating next year, that makes me kind of sad.
Apart for that I had a rought week, grade were almos given and next friday we have this day were the parents go to the school talks with the class teacher and them give us an inform with the grades, guess what, I failed chemestry, my parents are not the kind of parents that yelled and punish me for the grades, they now I put a lot of efford and I have a lot of pressure and actually I get more stressed that I should, anyway is a busy weekend full of homework and art project, what a surprise.
Besides school not much happening in my life, kind of boring as always, the only exing bit is that halloween is comming I'm not sure wich costume I'm wearing, it deppends in my school plans, I was thinking of The wizard of Oz's Dorothy or maybe a fairy but with a really cute ballet kind outfit, not sure yet...What are you wearng for halloween night?...Leave comments!!

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