Sunday, March 1, 2009

School Play!

So yestarday was my school play! I was tired cuz he have rehersals all week and on wednesday we saty at school until 10 o'clock! On thursday was the first time we presented to techers and 11th graders, and they criticized a lot, but the school was nice and gave us the holw day to fix it, so we did it and yesterday we did 7 functions, the hole family day!
Anyway it was pretty cool, evryone like it and the effort was totally worth it! Now I'm just doing homework!
Tha is the picture of me in my costume!!
Well I guess now that I have more time I will post more often!


Gossip said...

Hey, it is good that everything went perfect with your school play, you looked cute in your costume.

I cant believe the rehersals went till 10 o' clock!, that's a lot.. lol

Love, Gossip

LiNDZ! said...