Saturday, February 21, 2009

No me time for now!

So today I had to go to school, yes today Saturday! cuz I had to go to the rehersal of the play but noone show up, just like 7 girls, so we make the backround and stuff, at 2p.m I leave!
So this week wasn't as bad as the last one, I was so stressed my school is totally mad, last saturday I had to go to school to do a Chemestry/Bio work and I have to do an hour walk in the mountain behind my school, I was close to sue my own school cuz it was unfair! a saturday at 8a.m I was walking up the mountain! argg! besides that I had like a ton of work I have to do a project for art and rehersal on sunday so I cry a bit:).
This week was better I get my daphne outfit and no to much homework exept for the math thing I still have to do:S but is better! I just hope everything worth it!
Sorry for the boring and shor post!


Gossip said...

Haha thanks for the post!, with a pink touch that's right:)

Love, Gossip

Roxy Motion said...

sweet. :)