Friday, February 6, 2009

Home, sweet home!

So the week is over, finally! it's been an interesting week, my first full week since I started school on january, anyway monday was a perfectly normal dat, then on tuesday we visit this university fair, in wich every university on my city have a stand and show you their careers and everything, it was kind of cool, and since I dind't have to wear my unifrm I wear a pair of jeans, pale pink high heels, a white shirt and on top a pale pink sweater (my city is pretty cold), a long pearl necklace and my hot pink designer tote bag ( I haven't told you!! I bougth it! remmemember?), then on wednesday I have to stay at the school up to 4:30 (on wednesday I finish school at 1:40) to a Extened essay metting, in wich teachers talk us about the subjects and stuff, boring!, then thursday a common day and today OMG today!, so in my country there is this like traditin in which 11th graders have a jacket with the name of the school and prom year, (I will show you later) and the man who makes them goes today to show us jacket and hoodie options, that was cool but the I was on my T.O.K class when the fire alarm sound, I was pretty scared, I have been in my school for 12 years and nevere ever, had been a real fire alarm, but today it was real!, the thing was that in the chemestry lab there was this gas scape and something happened and suddenly it was like a huge flame in the lab, with my teacher (Who I looove) inside trying to close the gas thing. My T.O.K teacher is in my school's emergency team so we took the class list and went outside, It was so scary, 9th grades were on the lab, and it really could be me, I've been doing a lab this week! Gosh really I'm still shocked.
So in other thisngs I have to do this school play, in which I'm going to be Daphne from Scooby Doo! totally me! and I love my character but I've staying after school in the school theater for rehearsal, but my grade is soo desorganize that we haven't do anything yet! and I'm desperate! so I stay today, but I stay with Laura talking about childhood because we were friends when we were on second grade, and also talking about our extended essays, so it was fine, but I spend my friday afternoon doing that!
Anyway is all for now, I think I would have a bubble bath and then watch a movie or something!


Gossip said...

OMG! what a week girl!, I can't even imagine how scared you were when your school was in flames!, I would be so shoked. I hope everything's ok now.

I totally like Daphne and I wish you the best with your school play, tell me how everything turns out.

Love, Gossip

Gossip said...

Hey, I know! it is sooo shoking.. lol I hope she's not pregnant.. I mean, it's not sure thought.. but! still horrible it means they had sex:S.. lol..

Thanks god it was just the chemestry lab.. I thought it was all the school.. :P..

Love, Gossip

Gossip said...

Hey, I know... I hope she's faking it.. but last night I went out with Jordie and you can't imagine!.. he felt sooo bad.. it's a long story... maybe I'll post something about it.

Love, Gossip

LiNDZ! said...

wow thats amaazing! Daphne is a big part! Is there someone actually playing scooby-doo? Hahaha!

My school ALWAYS has those stupid firedrills. Most of the time they are actually drills, but at least once a year we get an actual fire caused by some stupid kid who cant control his pyro self! haha

Good Luck!

Roxy Motion said...

fun post! i love daphne.