Saturday, August 15, 2009

Big City. Big Dreams!

Hi! I haven't post in a while I know:( sorry.
Last tuesday I had my very last first day of school it wasn't as exiting as I imagined, but being in 11th grade is totaly different for 10th grade, we have more attencion in some things while academic attencion and special treatment for beign the first IB prom seems to disappear, anywany I missed school on friday cuz I have a terrible cold:(...But on thursday during my typicall ride in the school bus I realized that my city is the place were a lot of people put their dreams, beign in different cities of my country make me realize that the fact that my city is the bigger and the capital of the country makes it, the dream land for so many people out there wich dream about make it into the big city, however some of my dreams are in my city practically my dreams are more in other countries than here, but the thougth of me as the girl who lived so many dreams of other people I don't even know make me realize how lucky I am, I born in a great city in a great country and if I stay here in the future the chances of making my dream come true are pretty high. Is just a wreid thougth, and make me wonder about me and my dreams, I mean I'm already living a dream, living a life that many people dream about and probably never been able to get, is just wreid.
Anyway passing my wreid thougths and phillosopical stuff, I have a little tiny tip for you hair, I am an expert whith hair tratments cuz I had used a lot, I love my hair and me being a perfectionist I iron it in a daily basis, so I use a lot of products so my hair doesn't get all the damge but sometimes all this products make my hair look like crap and even when I wash it I have the feeling that is still dirty so my advice to those who have bad hair days due to the quantity of treatments they use is simple use vinager, yes vinager, wash you hair normally and just after you wash out your conditioner spray some vinager in your hair or just pour a little and then wash it out with more water I had try this a hundred times and I gurantee it works! also it makes your hair looks shiny and is more soft!! I got tis tip from Jaclyn Smith from Sheer Genious and I love it!

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Gossip said...

hey I like your hair tip.. but im not sure about the smell.. and the first part of your post was pretty interesting.. I liked it too.

Love, Gossip