Sunday, January 11, 2009

I guess this is my vacations...

So, I had been busy lately, I haven't been able to fix my blog :S, everytime I try it just get worse, so I'm keep it simple for now, even if thats not so me., but whatever, I'm going througth this stage in wich I'm not very interest on post on blog.
Actually I'm just doing homework, in vacations yes. I mean is not like real homework, I'm actually doing again something I already did, is just that I'm not happy with my art logbook and since is supposed to be my image and some day it will travel arround the world thanks to IB, I get obsess with improving it, so for the last week or so I been finding images and quotes for it and working on picnik, so hopefully by tomorrow or tuesday the images will be done and I will go and print them near my home (in case you are wondering I do own a printer but it only print black and white), also I'm making my logbook look awesome, like "the book" on the devil wears prada, or similar, when that is done I will write in it.
So yesterday I went to the mall with my mom to watch "Bedtime stories" and walk arround, and the thing is that about 2 weeks ago I bougth this amazing bag in Nine west, wich cost me 100 dollars, and I spend some of my "London trip" saving on it, and kind of told my parents I wasn't going to buy anything else until I'm in London, but yesteday I enter to this store in my country call "Mario Hernandez" a kind of colombian Louis Vuitton, well similar, an see an amazing handbag and I want it!!!!!! Because the Nine west one is like for the laptop (I was using it for school hehe) but is to laptop-ish, so I need a new one for school rigth?.... Is not that my school bag is not good, actually is great is a jiraffe print one like the Dooney and Burke, and I just remember I have a Ralph Lauren one that I bring home from United States, and a white one with polka dots...But bags are my favorite thing in the whole world and you can't have to many bags rigth??...Also my friends know me for having handbag-like bags for scholl instead of just a backpack like evryone else....
Still I'm not 100% sure, I think I'm getting a new one:P

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Gossip said...

Hey, I love bags too.. and by the way.. the idea that you have for your logbook is awesome, good luck with it.. and I hope you get tones of bags :)

Love, Gossip