Friday, October 2, 2009

Soccer & Stuff!

Hi there! So long no post, sorry, I already lost the number of times when I have said sorru for not posting very often, the reasons? Well there are some reasons actually, one of the main reasons I don't post very often is because I don't have comments so somentime I feel like quiting, is not like a lot of people will notice you now, and the other main reason is school, even thougth I'm in eleventh grade and it's completly different to the dtress of tenth grade I'm still full of school things, I enjoy some of them but there are really the minority.
Anyway I have some news about school and all, well about a month ago I start playing soccer in my school team, it was a surprise for evryone even for me, because I'm such a girly girl and seriously not good at sports that everyone thougth it was a joke or something, but is true, I'm in the soccer team, and yesterday I recived my uniform, so is official now and today we have our first game against other only girls school wich I kind-of hate is like our rival, we lost :( but 2-1 so it wasn't that bad!
And today starts my 1 week vacation wich I'm going to enjoy a lot!!! and hopefully post a lot more!

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