Monday, November 17, 2008

Guess What?

Guess What?... Someone have a crush on me! and the worse part is I don't have a crush on him or anything close to it! I'm kind of desperate with this cuz he call me and send me facebook messages and, AND he's on my brother's school, so pretty much everyone I know, know that he have a crush on me!!...One of my friends know him and now she's telling everyone he will be my boyfriend and bla bla bla, the thing is I'm not interested and he dosen't seem to get the message and either my friends.
I mean he's friend of my brother and is not bad to talk to him but come on! he's like younger than me in every aspect, he's shorter than me and even thiner than me! No, no no no no!
I keep wondering why this strange things keep happening to me, earlier this year some other boy did kind of the same, and eventually he stop calling me and everything. In part I balme myself, onece someone ask me the kind of boys I like, and I answered that I like boys that call me and text me and all, but this wasn't in any way what I picture, when I answer that I was aswering thinking in a relationship, you know that your boyfriend call you and stuff but not someone you don't like!
I still son't know what to do with it, and tomorrow I have school!, I wish no one starts the subject of thi boy:S:S

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Hey, I liked your story and your whole blog!. If you wanna tell a gossip or st.. just post a comment girl!