Friday, November 7, 2008

What a week

What a busy and bad week for me, seriously! I have like 3 test and I guess I kind of failed most of them, actually I don't guess I know I failed two of them, also our Community service proyect is kind of failing, let me tell you the story: My school is like really into "help others" so since I was a little girl I was going to visit sick children or visiting my school foundation for less fortunate kids, I have to say I had always love going there, helping others and making them smile, but this year everything changes with the IB program, my school just get it, my grade will be the first to have it, so the IB have this C.A.S program (Creativity, action & service) which changes all my plans of visiting kinder gardens of less fortunate kids. So the point is my group of C.A.S needs to plan a play, it all started very well but know the play is on monday(yes 3 days away) and well noone is going, we invited like 50 schools and 49 said NO so I'm depressed and stressed caz tomorrow I have to go to school to paint the backround of the play...Actually I like to paint but the thing is it dosen't supossed to be my work but the girls that have to do it did't do anything so my partener in publicity and I have to do it... Apart for that I'm have really bad grades this term that is just starting!!! Really I just bad! OMG know I feel like crying!
Sorry for the boring post, I just need to tell someone this.


Darling Dears. said...

oh, i haven't commented on here for a while.

well, here's me commenting :) keep posting!

Tatis said...

Thanks for comment! hahahaha