Sunday, November 9, 2008

Back to Basics

Hi! So today I make a decition, I going to take my life back to was used to be, well most of it...And I'm satrting with my blog as you see I change templates and this cupcake template was my blog's first template and not only that, now I will post more on my blog and not only about my life but about recipes and fashion as I used to.
The reason I made this decition is because I need a change in my life right now, I'm really stressed and the results at the schools dosen't match my effort, so since today I'm going to try my best to have good grades and continue happy and bubbly. Since my blog is the mirrow of my life I will change it too, for better of couse!
I will try to post daily or weekly and respond to every comment I get, I also will try to comment in your blogs and be a more active member. I'm very exited about this changes and I hope I get the results I'm expecting, getting part of my life back, part of that life that unnecessary stress had take me!

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Bella said...

hey. i dont know if you remember me, but im bella. love the blog: check mine.