Sunday, June 27, 2010

Talking About Over Reacting...

So, you already read my thougths about the elections, and yes a week later I still not over with that subject. Although, my dear dear elect president leave the country on friday, to go to some meeting and stuff so nothing new there. But this was a great week, lots of interviews and lots of news:).
The best thing to be totally honest, well besides the part that I love them (first family), is the number of insults I could return. I know that sound weird, let me explain it, the fact is that my candidate JMS, comes from well a rich family, off course he is rich, his family used to own the most important newspaper in my country; but still he choose to serve tha country being a minister and working on politics. While being in the minestery (?) he plan the rescue of several hostages of the terrorists and other important things, but people in my country are well not the most gratefull so instead of going for him they were going for other candidate (I already explain the 9 candidate thing). Suddenly one of the candidates started to win all the surveys and everyone was sudddenly voting for him, for AM. My cousin, almost my second brother and my brother´s best friend were going for him. I have to confess that due to all the IB work I missed all this "media fenomenum", cuz when we didn´t know if could vote for our current president or not (re-election, a wholee new subject) I was making a math project about political surveys and results. I hated that project, I quit that project, I changed the subject of that project. So my information was based in like the first survey, and off course I wasn´t worried, cuz I was refusing the fact that we have elections, I love my current president so much that I didn´t want him to leave, so I just ingnored everything about elections and continued my school work. And then the referendum, that will allow our president another 4 years, went down. My family had who will be the choosen, the one that will get our votes (well I can´t vote actually, I turn 18, 3 days after the second round)and I just again ignored everything. Until april? I think. When my cousin asked me who was getting my parents votes, and I respond JMS I guess, and he and his family told my I was out, yes you are rigth Out!, he show me a few comercials about AM and suddenly I realize he was winning in almost every survey. How on earth this just happened? he was a crazy man, who ok, was a great city major but the last presidential elections he run, and make it a completly joke, for real. And well even when he is intelligent, he wasn´t ready, he is not ready and his debate performance was poor. I never changed my mind about my candidate, I never follow the fashion, the cute sunflower with well done green names, the lovely campaign AM had. Instead I choose JMS, the candidate, not the campaign cuz at the end you are voting for a person not for a campaing. I suppor him and his campaing, a not so flatering orange color with a simple design (I later learn that the color was choosen by him and his wife!!) I changed my backpack and use an orange one with orange scarf and his political pin. Then they changed the campaign to make it a little more familiar, with his name instead of last name but it was fine I keep my pin and backpack, people will still know JMS was my candidate, I had a pin with his last name on my backpack and have bits and pieces of both campaigns.
The thing is, that even when JMS was having a great debate performance and no apparent mistakes (like saying we will take our president to court in Ecuador, long story) he was going down in the surveys and well my cousin was taking advantage of this, he was making me feel like I was stupid, cuz my candidate was losing, cuz his candidate "will be the next president" and I "will recive green cupcakes with sunflowers for the victory", I spend about a month defending myself and my candidate, I was clear in my desition an even when I couldnt vote is still my country and I was worried about it. Almost everyone who was going for AM was mean to me, I can assure you that I wasn´t mean with them, I know I supported a great candidate with a great family and policy. People were so mean thinking they already had won the elections, they were really mean with me. They were thinking they were the winners and were saying they will win in first round so they thougth they could treat evryone as losers, as stupids and they did. Every time I posted something on FB they were there, making mean comments. Every time I said something, they were there making me feel like I was nothing. But I was sure of my candidate, he is prepared and I can´t tell you he is perfect cuz he´s not, but he knows the country and knows that security is a major issue here. Almost all my "green" friends were mean to me at some point or another, maybe they didn´t do it on pourpuse, or they don´t understand that this was important for me and that I choose the candidate not because he was winning, not because he is rich, but because he can do it, he had prove me and my country he can. All of my friends were thinking he was going to lose, they think the fact his candidate was on the top of the surveys make him the next president, and that that gives them the rigth to be mean with me or any other JMS follower. Well, they were wrong! First round come and they lost! and not by a little, by a lot!!! I was thrilled! However they were refusing it, you can´t imagine the speech made by AM the day of the first round, he was singing, saying that he was the only honest there, saying they had won. Among the three weeks in between the rounds they were still saying they were winning the second round and again they were wrong! almost every political party join my candidate during those three weeks and again we won!! By a lot (you already know the numbers) So I spend my week writing back, responding old mean comments with the truth. And making them know that their so called "green wave" wasn´t that big, letting them know that the elections are not a FB popularity contest, letting them know that we won.
Ok I realize this post is longer that I expected, sorry I just lovee politics! and I love the fact that we WON! I´m just hoping he will do a great job. I know he will try and give us the best!
Sorry if I bored you with all this politic subject. Next time I will try to keep it politics-free! lol:) Ohh you know what? Maybe next time I will post some Cancun and prom pics!

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Gossip said...

Oh well, you really stand up for your ideas dont you?. I like that and I believe every girl should be like that. Good for you and congratulations on your winning president lol.

Love, Gossip