Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hmmm How about...

A new blog! I know I´ve had two blogs already, and well none of them is actually a success, even tho I love your comments! But know that I´m starting a new process in my life (university) I feel like I need a new blog, something more demanding and coneccted whit what I will be doing four years from know (election time! lol) actually I will be working and I want to start something related to it, so at the same time I´m learing in university I´m reaserching for cute, fun ideas for my bussines.
I do have an idea of I want to do in the future, you may not know this but my real passion is party planning, I love parties, not night-crazy parties, more like home made parties with tons of cute decorations, lovely food and cozy feeling:) just love them. So I will make a blog with party inspiration boards, and the eventual recipe and life experiences on that field. I will continue to talk about random things in my life in this blog, and probably be closing Livin the Martha Style..I think I´m still to dependent to make a blog like that one. I hope you like my new blog, in not done yet, I have a lot of reasearch to do, but be posting any update here. And just for know I have prom pics! well actually like one, cuz the fotographer hasn´t come to my house yet:S.
Laura & me!



Totally Pinkaholic said...

NEW BLOG!! Is a different profile but it is still me:)

I promise this time I will post frecuently and keep the idea of the blog!

Gossip said...

Ou!, I would love to see that party ideas. You're talking abou a business, what is it about, party planer?, let me know!, I bet you'll do very well.
Btw, loved the pic and your dress, too cute.

Love, Gossip.