Monday, June 21, 2010

Lots of things had been going on here...

So, I´m officially a graduate girl! the ceremony took place in my lovely school last thursday, I read the speech (I write it two:)) and it was amazing. After 14 years of being there, there were no worlds to thank all the people who was with me througth the process, as you migth now I lovee that school and leaving it was a huge step for me. However I think the stage is completed and making the speech was definetly the best way to end the road. After that we headed a local restaurant for celebrate with family and friends, so many gifts (omg, that´s a holee new subject) and well a great night chatting with most of people that mean something for me, it was just perfect.
Off course before of this perfect day, I had the grade trip (to Cancun, Mexico) lots of party going on and beautiful places, I´m not the most party girl in the world but I did my best, and even when the trip was...let´s say different for what I expected it was fine, I become more close to some of my friends and discover things about other girls. It was fine. Then the prom! I was so exited, unfurtunatly I was sick:S from Cancun:S but I went with a lovely pink puffy costum made dress I love and pink satin peep toe with a bow shoes:) Lovely, it was one of the best nigths of my life, I party a lot, and had a great time with my family and close friends.
I can´t believe is all over, is sad and exiting at the same time, life is just beginig for me and I´m exited and scared. I have faith that my dreams will come true.
Well, now changing the subject, yesterday were the elections in my country, I´m not sure if you know this about me, but I looove politics, I´m not studying politics cuz I would be a bad politician I just know that, but I looooooooove politics. So the thing was rather simple, about three weeks ago we had a first round with 9 candidates, I was supporting one of them of course since the beging of the campaing and I love him:) anyway all the surveys said that he will be second, and the fisrt one will be this character, well he was my city´s mayor and was a great mayor but wasn´t ready for being the president of my country. My country is a difficult country, I love it but is truth, we have internal and external issues and let´s face it, being a mayor 1 and 1/2 times (yes, a half cuz he quited the second time) doesn´t prepare you to be president of a country. My candidate was a minister, three times, each one of different ministeries (that´s how you write it? idk) and I´m not saying he is perfect for the job, but he is prepared. So in may 30 we had our first round and surprisingly we WON! like with 46% of votes against 21% with the mayor guy AM, I was really happy! like REALLY happy! tons of friends and family had been mean with me, because thay were thinking they were going to win in the first round, and truth to be told they lost, and not for a bit, for a LOT! but Colombian laws said that if none of the candidates have more that 50% of the votes, we have to have a second round, so with 7 candidates less, the campaing continue three more weeks, one of them I was in Mexico so I didn´t hear much about it (and believe me I miss it)and the next two were rather calm. The day of my graduation was a debate wich I hear on the radio (not all tho). My candidate is great taking:) unfurtunatley he had to defend his self about tons of topics of past goverments, cuz people is mean and blame him, poor thing. Anyway, I figth a little bit in my graduation celebration cuz some of my invites suppor the other guy and I have very strong views and arguments, as I said before I loooove politics so every single piece of news about elections or candidates I had read it or hear about it. Anyway elections were yesterday and I was sacred, a lot of people didn´t vote (is not obligatory in my country) so I was scared that part of that 46% had convince themselfs that we had already won, while the 21% had convinced more people to vote or the ones that didn´t vote went and vote. Whichever the result was I really wanted to go to the celebration of my candidate JMS, it was like in the city stadium and I saw the invitation on his webpage, so my mom (so sweet) took me there with my grandmother:) (three generations supporting JMS!) when we were leaving we heard in the news that my candidate had already WON! they were counting votes, by the time half of the tables were counted and even if AM get all the remaining votes my candidate was still the winner. So we hurry up and headed to the stadium to celebrate! It was great, I loooove my candidate and his family, omg his wife is sooo cute! you have to see pictures of her, she´s like the perfect first lady! and I´m proud of him! I heard his entire speech watching him close to me (ok, not that close, but close enougth) I´m really really happy!! I have faith that his goverment will be as good as tha one of our current president!:D Here´s a pic:) cuz I just love them, so our NEW president is the one in the middle, his wife is in his left (our rigth)and so are his sons (and daugther) and in his rigth (our left) is the vicepresident and his family. I know is not the most clear pic but you get the idea.

Soooo you migth see that the past weekend was full of emotions and thougths for me, I just hope I didn´t bore you with this long long post
P.S: I forgot to tell you, we won 69% against 27%!! Lovely!

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Gossip said...

Loll, I didnt Know you were that much into pilitics..
Ok, first of all, CONGRATULATIONS! it's good that you are done with high school, it was also sad for me when I got graduated, maybeI know how you feel, even tought I didnt get to reed he speech lol.
Prom? I wanna see pictures of your lovely dress and shoes.

Good for you and for your country. I just need to get a little bit more informed about that perfect president you talk about in your post.

Love, Gossip.