Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Hi! I'm sure you already know Facebook, well if you don't Facebook is a web pae in which you have your profile and you can find all your friends (who have facebook) in there.Is easy and free!- Is awesome, also facebook have great applications to show your personality and decor your profile. A really great application is bumper sticker, whic allows you put images on your profiles, tis images are mostly great pictures and quotes that help you show your personality on your own profile, there sre horoscope, quizes, graffitywall and lots of other things, I already have my own profile do you?


Kellyanne said...

Thats really cool!! I dont have one, but i might make one :)

Ashley said...

Aw, those cupcakes are cute.

Yeah, Facebook was actually created for college kids, but that doesn't keep anyone from making their own profiles. I have a Facebook and a MySpace, each site has different pros & cons.


Tatistqm said...

I also have facebook and myspace, but in my class everyone have facebook and it's a great web page I love all the applications and groups