Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pop Art!

Hi! Sorry I haven't write here like forever! I blame school! hahaha.
Pop art is a visual art movement that used very simple characteristcs and brigth colors.
Nowadays pop art is used in bags, notebooks, etc. And it is great. If you want to give a touch of color to you room what better that a pop art painting, it dosen't have to be expensive, you can print something that is on the internet or make it yourself, it's not difficult I promise!
anyways I have to do a art proyect based on one especific subject, I choose pop art because I found it very nice, well the thing is I need to make a painting in wich I made a nowadays celebrity in Pop Art, kind of comparating it with Marilyn Monroe. Any ideas???? If you have one please tell me!


Bella said...

heyy. love your blog. check out mine too!

Cavalier World Member said...

I have a picture like that of a tree in my room!

Jessica said...

Hey! I wanted to tell you that I've started blogging! I got a completely new account so I could start off fresh. Thanks for being so loyal to my old blog. I'll try to make my new one just as interesting. BTW- your blog is sooo cute! <3

Jessica said...

You can deffinately use the ipod that's on my blog! Thanks for asking!