Sunday, January 13, 2008

Candy Lipgloss!

Hi! Sorry I haven't write here like forever, but I was kind of busy because I'm back to school, Well but I'm back, on christmas I recive this awesome lip gloss that are flavored like skittles, peppermint and starburst. I love them! Probably you already know about them but I just want to share with you this amazing lip gloss. For me is the perfect combination of candy and make up, th best of all is that you don't get the calories that candy bring up! (hehehe).
This lip gloss comes in lots of flavors and sre made by several companies, mines are for lip smacker ( Thay also come on other flavors such as strawberry and coke! Try them and if you already know them tell me what you think about them!


rach said...

I agree! Candy lipgloss is a basic EVERY girl should own. xox, rachel

Tatistqm said...

Yes! You're rigth they are the best thing someone could invent!

Kellyanne said...

I have always wanted to try those!!! They look so cute! Most places i have seen them they are kinda expensive..