Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Project!

Hi there! So my new project is finally here, I'm keeping this blog for more personal post and stuff and making a new one for my project. The project name is Living the martha style! and as you imagine is abou Martha Stewart! YAY! I totally love Martha so I'm going to use her recipes and crafts and things to make my everyday living, everytime I have a birthday or a holiday or just feel like it I'll go to Martha and find something to do her way.
I hope you enjoy it as much as me

PS: Here is the link http://livingthemarthastyle.blogspot.com/


Gossip said...

I'm glad my post helped you!, I love those eye shadows, you really should give them a chance. Oh, yeah, and your blog was awesome, I'd love to give you some ideas so here I go.. I totally love cherrys and a cherry pie would be grate but.. I know IT'S HARD WORK.. so you can do some little cherry drinks os something like that.. if you're not too much into cherrys.. I LOVE CHOCOLATE TOO!.. try some chocolate cookies.

Long post comment too.. lol.

Love, Gossip

alaina said...

Thanks for the blog comment :)
I will definitely be checking in every once in awhile with your martha blog. It sounds very interesting! Hope all is well with you :)