Friday, April 25, 2008

Just Believe

Hi! The last week the phrase "Just Believe" had been stuck in my head for not apparently reason, I write it everywere and every day I think about it, maybe is a massage saying me I have to believe a little more in myself and my friends, and that soon everything will be ok again or maybe I'm just crazy. The truth is that I'm kind of sad this days, my best friend (as some of you migth now) Is in Canada and she's thinking about staying a little longer and the my classroom is such a mess and I'm feeling like I don't really belong there, even if I'm since preschool in my school (Which I love) I think almost every day that I'm just someone else filling a spot and if I leave noone will notice, I just don't know why everything and everyone change that quickly, last week I was feeling like I was important to someone, that I'm someone and this week I'm feeling like I'm falling apart, that I can't do this anymore, that I'm weak. I know that my problems are small comparing with other ones but if you imagine that the girls in my school can't be that mean your wrong, and the worse part is that seem so nice and then they ignore you and start leaving you apart. I'm very sad rigth now. I'm sorry if you don't like this post, its just that I have this need to open myself and I think my blog is a great place to do it. I will post something happier soon! XOXO Tatis


♥Lauren♥ said...

I hear ya.It sucks your bff is in Canada.

Tatis said...

I know! It the worst thing in the world!!!!!
Thanks for comment!