Friday, March 28, 2008

My week!

Hi! Well I think I have the confidence with all of you pretty readers to talk you about my weeks, well off course I will still post things about fashion, books and bakery (I know so much time scince the last recipe sorry:( ) Anyways were I'm and I'm going to talk you about my week.
Monday: No school! because it was holiday and we have just return for holly week. I went to my club and have a great time!
Tuesday: First day of school scince a more then a week, everyone asking were we go and that stuff, I have art class and begin painting my proyect (I love it, I will post it when it is ready), then my teacher told me I had fail math!...nigth was kind of sad! the dress I was planinig to use on a party on saturday don't fit me, well is kind of bad done!
Wednesday: Art class! school was good but the lunch was awfull, when I arrive to my home my father told me that I should buy a new dress! So I went to Zara and buy a strapless, black dress, with fit me really nice!
Thursday: I arrive to school and only eigth girls pass chemestry and I'm one of them!! I soooo happy then some girl I don't even talk with, told me she had the same dress (:s) all day she and her friends were telling me that I copy her bla, bla, bla, but the truth is she don't even talk! I had ask her like a 100 time how is her dress and she had never tell me, because she is kind of shy but that shyness that you don't understand. My god she's been on the school scince preschool! Anyways I arrive and told my mother the story and she tell me thet I should change the dress, so I did it (for one better - The one in the photo) and well finally my day have a happy ending.
Friday: Today! Well scholl was kind of good, I go to social service and then I don't have spanish class because my teacher was sick so we made some funny calls and laugth sooo much. Nothing in the afternoon, I just want to rest tomorrow is a busy day hehe!
Ok, that was my week , I hope you like it, tomorrow or sunday I will post the photos of the party so you can see my friends and my in really cute dresses.
P.S: Tell me what you think about my dress, I put it on just to take my that picture to show you and my friends in other places!


Gracie said...

Hey, love your blog! Thanks for checking out Little Miss Sunshine! Have a great week!


Jessica Taylor said...

Have fun at the party!